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Nestled in the bustling heart of Cenang, Langkawi, discover Brian's Bar—where artisanal cocktails meet a vibrant speakeasy atmosphere. Dive into an unforgettable drink journey with us!

The Essence of Brian's Bar

Cocktails at Brian's Bar are more than just drinks; they're a delightful symphony of flavors. Guided by the expert hand of our chief mixologist, Brian, we infuse every drink with love, passion, and creativity. Each concoction is a blend of premium spirits and fresh, local ingredients, ensuring an experience that leaves a mark.

Discover The Brian's Vibe

Set foot into a world of coziness and warmth. Our DIY decor and rustic furnishings echo the charm of island life, ensuring you instantly feel at home. Whether you're vibing indoors, soaking in the energy at the bar, or basking in the outdoor patio's breezy ambiance, Brian's Bar promises a memorable escape. Come, raise a glass, and toast to new friendships!


Every drink tells a story, and our menu is a treasure trove of such tales. From classics that have stood the test of time to innovative concoctions that intrigue, there's a drink for every soul. Indulge in our signature "Milo Shot", or let the unique flavors of our "Kaya Toast" cocktail whisk you away. Ready for the adventure?

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Ready for a cocktail adventure? Follow the map, and let the lanes of Cenang lead you to the heart of Brian's Bar.

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